Pictures of our exec are coming soon! For now, it'll just be names and positions of our team leaders. Click on the names if you want to send them an e-mail. To contact the chapter, send us an e-mail at

Stephanie Bringeland and Erik Lelievre

VP Finance: Coleen Galang
VP Logistics: Ellie Kenny
Co-VP Strategy: Caroline Ochocinski and Emily Miszk

Fair Trade: 
David Tang
Food Systems: Laura Essak and Isabella Wright
Global Engineering: Kiana Streu and Zach Grant
Community: Ellie Kenny and Emily Lenarduzzi
Mind Shift and Youth Venture: Stephanie Bringeland and Millar Coveney
National Engineering Month & Pumpkin Smash: Naveta Padda
Political Advocacy: Madison Gilewicz
Reconcili-ACTION: Edwin Morelli and Caroline Ochocinski
Social Enterprise: Paula Petkovic
Sponsorship: Ashlyn Secord
Development Events: Ivona Palinkas
Environmental Advocacy: Rachael Wootton
Portfolio Coordinators: Laura Di Luch and Erik Lelievre